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Shakespeare Without Fear holds NYC acting workshops

for actors at all levels. 


Do you get so caught up in the language of Shakespeare that you find it difficult to build a character? Whether you are new to classical theatre or simply need to brush up your skills, the Shakespeare Without Fear Workshop is for you!

10-Hour Intensive

Spend two days examining in-depth scenes from multiple Shakespearean plays and working with experienced Shakespearean directors for one-on-one feedback. You will be pre-cast in a scene with one partner and will receive a digital copy of your final performance. We make every attempt to cast actors in an appropriate role suited for their abilities with a partner who complements their skill level. 

What We Offer 

  • EQUAL class time (limited to 10 participants)

  • A role selected to suit your abilities

  • A precast scene and acting partner to ensure maximum work time in class

  • Individual attention from two experienced Shakespearean directors

  • Analysis of text plus character development and physicality

  • An exploration of both stage and film acting technique

  • The opportunity to perform in a supportive and encouraging environment

  • The opportunity to receive feedback from both directors and fellow actors

  • The opportunity to grow in a specific role over the course of a weekend

  • The opportunity to watch other actors engaging in the same process

  • The opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of several Shakespearean plays in a short period of time

  • A digital recording of your work

Workshop Schedule 

DAY ONE (Saturday 12-5pm)

  1. Director introductions and warm-up

  2. Introductions of scenes and characters

  3. Initial run-through of scenes (full group; off-book)

  4. Scene rotations--individual time with each director--text analysis with Jeff and physicality/blocking with Jack (partners)

  5. Second run-through of scenes (full group)


DAY TWO (Sunday 12-5pm)

  1. Third run-through of scenes with director and actor feedback

  2. Final stage performance of each scene (recorded--stage setting) 

  3. Exploration of stage vs. film technique

  4. Focused sections of each scene (recorded--film setting)

How to Participate

Submit headshot and resume to for consideration. You will be contacted for a phone interview. Scripts and further details will be provided once selected. 



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