There are two very different perceptions of William Shakespeare. One is perpetuated by the academic community, and it portrays Shakespeare as a literary giant, a demi-god, an unrivaled master of English. The other perception is much simpler, and it is perpetuated by actors who perform his works.


William Shakespeare was simply an actor who wrote plays and was a hugely popular entertainer. He was held in disdain by the scholars of his age, and yet he broke all box office records in his time. Four centuries later he remains the most popular playwright the world has ever known.


Not a moment passes when a Shakespearean play is not being performed at some point in the world, and it is no accident that these plays were written by an actor. With all due respect for the man’s literary genius, our program concentrates on Shakespeare the entertainer and the practical application of performance.


Our mission is to provide a quality product at a reasonable price for our players, and thus we have decided to limit each group to 10 participants. Candidates will be reviewed on an individual basis and will be chosen according to what can best serve each group of 10 players for each workshop.



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Our Approach


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